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Press the left mouse button to start the match. Now move the mouse on identical adjacent alphabets (Horizontally, vertically or diagonally). Select at least 3 or more alphabets. Release the mouse to let the match happen. This will merge the selected alphabet letters and creates a one new letter which is the next to the selected. For example if you select 3 or more than 3 blocks labelled with \'A\', the resulting letter will be the B. Keep matching and merging the alphabets until you get the Z. In easy mode you can upgrade to higher alphabets easily, where the normal and hard mode upgrade takes more work.

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Monster Truck Beast
Have you ever dreamed of driving a huge monster truck? If the answer is yes then this is your chance. Drive your awesome monster truck with smashing and speed addicting levels over every obstacle in a urban environment with realistic graphics.

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Rapunzel Eye Treatment
Rapunzel has vision issues and she decided to go to the eye clinic for a full control. Play this caring game and join Rapunzel at the hospital, step into the doctor\'s room with her and learn how to use interesting and fun tools which will tell the doctors why Rapunzel can\'t see well. After she will get through these vision tests, you can choose for her nice frames. Help Rapunzel recover her sharp vision and she will be forever grateful!

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Elsa And Anna Summer Break
Elsa and Anna are ready for the Summer break. The beach is waiting for them and they can\'t wait to reach there. Join the fun in an amazing dress up game and help the girls to get dressed properly, because they will spend the entire Summer on the beach. Choose their swimsuits and the accessories that will protect them from the Sun and the three of you will have a great time. Enjoy it!

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Tom And Angela Deco
It\'s time for Tom and Angela to get married and they are very excited about it. They have prepared everything for this important day of their life, but they forgot to decorate the wedding room. The guests should arrive at any moment for the party and the grooms are running out of time. Will you play this game to help them to make this place to shine? Choose beautiful furniture and the most important thing, the wedding cake. Have fun!

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Rapunzel Room Cleaning
Rapunzel had a party at home last night and this morning the guests left. Rapunzel\'s house is a real mess and she has to clean it up fast. It will take a while if she will do it all alone, so will you help her? Play this game and move quickly to get rid of garbage, remove dust and the spots from the floor and put everything back to it\'s place, so Rapunzel can finish the cleanliness in no time.

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Pro Urban Trial Reloaded
The most awesome urban trial challenge. If you like free online motocross driving and racing games then this is the perfect time and place for you. A great motorbike should face many tests and overcome every obstacle and this new model will do it, it only depends on you and how skilled you are. Prove your skills in 30 awesome levels.

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2 weeks ago
Princess Jasmine Bedroom Cleaning
Princess Jasmine was very much occupied with the preparation of greeting card which she will present to Aladdin. Aladdin has been very closer to her since childhood. Once the princess was about to meet with an accident and it was he who saved the life of the girl. From then onwards they have a good rapport with each other. Aladdin is an actor. His movie will hit the screens tomorrow. So, the girl has prepared a hand-made greeting for her friend. The room is in a horrible condition now. The brother of the princess Joseph is going to clean the room. Join hands with him. Give a good to the room. The princess has gone to the market with her mom. When she comes back let her be taken aback seeing the cleaned room. For cleaning the house, you buy the friendship of the royalty. Keep the same spirit and help others as much as you can.

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2 weeks ago
Lizard Cannon
Funny physic based game. Shoot the lizard out of a cannon and break all the bottles. Good graphics, 30 levels. You can collect poweups which change the gravity of the level. if you need to get some bottles which are out of reach. Use what\'s in the level to your advantage. You will need skill and a good brain to beat all 30 levels!

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2 weeks ago
Swamp Cargo Truck
In Swamp Cargo Truck you must master your driving skills and deliver some barrels through the forest until you make it to the city. There are 12 intense levels in which your patience will be tested and you sure will improve your online driving skills in becoming the best truck driver

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3 weeks ago
Rat On A Bike
In Rat On A Dirt Bike you will have the chance to grind your handrails, stomp those rusted buses and perform some awesome tricks !Use arrow keys to steer and balance the dirt bike and press space bar to make the bike balance and jump over obstacles.

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3 weeks ago
Just Park It
Your mission is to drive an 18 wheeler truck with a wagon through the neighborhood. Park it on the indicated spots and try to do it without damaging your truck, or else you need to restart the level. The challenge is pretty tough because the streets are not very wide in that neighborhood.

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3 weeks ago
Tractor Parking
Prove your worthy enough to go into the parking business! Carefully navigate your way through your farm and park your tractor into the spaces required. Try not to crash or you will damage your vehicle and you'll have to start from the beginning of the level! - Vehicle Physics - Gameplay - Challenging and Fun For Everybody! - 3D Graphics and Beautiful Levels

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1 month ago
Droptris HD
Droptris a block dropper game, where you must guide the falling blocks into lines to score points and get the best time possible. Utilize the 3 unique power-ups to freeze time, remove a line or destroy the falling block to help you get the best score you can. Features two unique game modes ,10 Lines where you try to complete 10 lines in the fastest time possible and Infinite mode where you go for the highest score and the game only ends when the blocks reach the top of the screen. Use your skills, logic and the unique power-ups to get a high score and then challenge your friends to beat it.

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1 month ago
Snow Bike
Snow Bike is a fantastic 3D Stunt Bike Game. Hop on your bike and pull jumps and adrenaline pumping back flips through the crazy and dangerous snowy terrain. 20 levels of extreme action and height will leave you wanting more trial bike games in an instant, avoid obstacles and land your jumps just right or risk falling off your 3D Dirt Bike and landing face down in the snow.

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1 month ago
Builder Bash
Builder Bash is a building block puzzle game where you have to match as many colors as you can and as quick as you can before more blocks appear moving down the screen closing in on you. To help you in the levels there is dynamite spread around which can destroy unwanted blocks. The faster you build the matching blocks the quicker you progress through the levels achieving the best score possible.

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1 month ago
GT Racing Challenge
Put Your Racing Skills To The Test With This Free 3D Racing Game. GT Racing Challenge is a free 3D racing game. You have the option to choose the color and model of car. You can play in 4 game modes and there are 4 types of tracks to choose from. There is the choice of: Time Trial where you race against the clock to get the best time awarded, Elimination you race against 4 opponents but you must not be in last place at the end of each of the four laps otherwise you are eliminated, Single racing mode is a race to the finish line against 4 opponents with 3 laps of the track selected and there is also normal racing mode where you have to win all 8 races to be awarded with the grand prize

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1 month ago
Temple ATV
Temple ATV is an awesome quad bike game. You ride your quad bike or ATV through 20 difficult levels held in different jungle surroundings whilst doing your best to jump over several objects. The challenge is to keep control of your ATV. Judge your speed and complete all levels. Make sure you go through all the checkpoints as that\'s where you\'ll return to if you crash!

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1 month ago
Truck Parking HD
Truck Parking is a realistic 3D parking game where you have to park your 18 Wheeler Truck into some very tight parking spaces. You\'ve just passed 90% of your Heavy Goods Vehicle license.. Now to get the full license can you master the art of parking the huge truck. Packed with various difficult parking scenarios, can you complete them all within the time given and without crashing! Enjoy hours of fun parking your truck! - Amazing Vehicle Physics - Difficult Levels to overcome - Challenging & Addictive - Fun For Everyone!

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1 month ago
Squary is a unique puzzle game, where you try and get the highest score possible in a single run of the game. Score more points by surviving each level with as little deaths as possible. Jump the boxes on each floor to make it to the end of the level, watch out for the power up which help and hinder your progression.

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1 month ago
Temple Bike
Take your trials bike deep into the temple ruins! Perform some amazing flips and stunts in order to reach the finish on each level. With crazy and challenging levels, you will be hungry for more. Control your bike through some dangerous zones and tricky obstacles if you believe you can!- Beautiful Levels - Amazing Physics - 3D Graphics - Challenging Gameplay

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1 month ago
Cut The Rope
Cut the rope to feed candy to Om Nom! A mysterious package has arrived, and the little monster inside has only one request? CANDY! Collect gold stars, discover hidden prizes and unlock exciting new levels in this addictively fun, award-winning, physics-based game!

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1 month ago
Suspicious Drawing Room Escape
In your relatives house you enter as a guest and you are asked to sit in a very suspicious looking room all alone. You are provided with snacks, tea and other stuffs to eat. Once you start having it the room door closes in the breeze and it is stuck. All you need to do is there are few hidden objects in the room which will help you to escape. And there are few hints also which can help you come out without any trouble. Go ahead collect all the hints and hidden objects and escape from the room before things get complicated. Have fun play the game!

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1 month ago
Escape Pleasant Park
The park is so quiet and peaceful in case you are not trapped inside it all by yourself and the end of the day is approaching with chilly winds around you. Escape from this place as fast as you can.

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1 month ago
Killing Team
Killing Team is a great shooting game. You are a special unit soldier on undercover mission. your mission is to use your weapon aim skills to shoot enemy terrorist and survive in this shooter game. Terrorists are steal US Army uniforms and attack some civil locations. Your target is to eliminate all terrorists on three different location. Good Luck!

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1 month ago
Mine Quest
Mine rocks and gems. Use the materials you gather to craft better pickaxes. Buy upgrades to improve your mining and crafting abilities. Mine better rocks with your improved abilities, and repeat the process.

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1 month ago
Blockoomz 2015
Celebrate 2015 with a blast! Blasting game that is! The popular Blockoomz return to start your New Year with explosions of fun!

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1 month ago
Toy Car Racing
Toy Car Racing is a skill based racing game which creates a exciting flavor on traditional racing. Press left mouse button to decide the direction of car. Keep it pressed until you reach at desired booster level. Release at any time, the car will move towards the selected direction with boosted power. your goal is to reach at complete line, before your opponent reaches there.

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2 months ago
Island Jet Ski Tournament
Prove your skills online and drive four of the fastest ski jets on water. Use arrow keys to seer and balance the speeding jet ski and overcome your rivals to be the first on the finish line.

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2 months ago
Angry Owls Extra
Click on groups of at least to similar color owls to remove them. Several power-ups will help you. Don\'t let the owls pile up to the top.

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3 months ago
Spongebob Mystery Sea 2
Spongebob Mystery Sea 2 is a great adventure-platform game. Spongebob and Patrick Star want to help Santa to collect all gifts for childrens in the sea. Help Spongebob and Patrick to collect all gifts and put it on the snow tree in the sea and past all 20 levels. To control Spongebob use arrows, for Patrick use WASD keys.

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3 months ago
Fading Light
Fading Light is a philosophical platform game with interesting and various puzzles in each level. Restful graphic design and relaxing music, sit down and enjoy the story of this little guy lost in the woods.

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4 months ago
Heavy Loader 3d
Experience the Real Truck Parking 3D game with new concept of loading your trucks. Drag the load into the truck and move it to the parking area. Buy and upgrade new heavy trucks and feel the real 3D experience. Play with three different 3D camera angles. Beware! Don't be crazy out there while driving your truck. Control your speed and complete the truck parking challenge!

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4 months ago
Hungry Grew 2
The game screen is your field for creativity. You can draw any line with which other objects will interact! For you 25 interesting levels are prepared, whether you will be able to collect all stars?

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4 months ago
Help the robot J-Tubeus to find a way out of the prison premises.

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4 months ago
Robot Outbreak
You are a tank fighting hostile intruders which are invading your space ship! Prepare your weapons and go into action!

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4 months ago
Nitro Truck Jumper
Our exclusive game Nitro Truck Jumper is released. So if you are up for some speed adrenaline pumping, get ready and do some heavy jumps with our brand new powerful truck with huge wheels and be the best stunt driver. Test your skills because you will have to pass over tremendous boulders and jump over ramps.

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4 months ago
Bubble Master
Master the bubbles! Avoid being hit by the bouncing balls and try to destroy them all by shooting your harpoon. But be careful, the balls split in two when you shoot them! Enjoy 12 levels, three difficulty modes, several different powerups, online highscores and the satisfaction of becoming a Bubble Master!

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4 months ago
Baby Hazel Ballerina Dance
Baby Hazel had a wonderful shower time by playing games and receiving surprise gifts. Mom has enrolled Hazel in dance class to make her child perfect in ballerina dance. But our dear baby is shy to dance in front of other kids. Be with Hazel to encourage her for the dance.

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4 months ago
Winter Bmx Jam
Fresh new games like this exclusive Winter BMX Jam game.In Winter BMX Jam games you must use your skills to steer and control the bmx driver, and be in the right place and get the right speed to make some of the best BMX tricks in the winter time.

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4 months ago
Extreme Cargo Transporter
Try this new Extreme Cargo Transporter exclusive vitality game and see how good you are driving different 18 wheeler heavy loaded.To play the game online use arrow keys to steer and drive and balance the truck and the cargo. Start with a old Russian diesel transporter and try to finish the first levels with the indicated number of cargo.

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4 months ago
Just Park It 8
Your mission is to drive a truck with a wagon and a cargo. Park it on the indicated spots and try to do it without damaging your truck, else you need to restart the level. The challenge is pretty tough because the city is crowded and there are cars moving on the road. You need experience to park an 18 wheeler truck with a wagon and a cargo on top of it.

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4 months ago
Cargo Bullet Express
In Cargo Bullet Express games you must become the best train driver online. Your mission is to drive a fast magnetic no wheels train with 2 heavy loaded cargo. You must transport out of the city dangerous hazard liquids in barrels and boxes. To make the city a safer place. To drive the train use arrow keys and balance the train and the trailers on the damaged road.

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4 months ago
New Atv Urban Challenge
Enroll yourself in the competition, ride your ATV and try to reach the finish line first and beat your opponents. After 8 intense and challenging levels you can become an ATV champion. You have to overcome huge obstacles like large wooden boxes, concrete pallets, cars, piles of tires and a lot of other challenging surprises.

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4 months ago
Frozen Baby Sven Care
Kristoff is always pampered a lot. The reason behind his happiness is his pet Sven. They would play in the garden every day. Unlikely, yesterday Sven alone was playing in the garden. His beloved had gone to the market to buy carrots for him. While he was playing he hit the tree accidently and got hurt black and blue. If Kristoff were to be here, he would have taken care of the pet. In place of him you treat Sven. Remove the twigs and the leaves from the body. Clean the blood using the cotton. Bandage the wound and inject if possible. Be with him and console him. Both of you spend the time in chatting. If you find thorns in the body, remove them using the specific instrument. The owner of the pet kristoff is very much obliged to your selfless service.

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4 months ago
Mario Jungle Escape
Help Mario and Luigi to collect all animals to reach to the finish. Have Fun all the way in this funny adventure game!

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4 months ago
Tricera Rescue
Baby tricera are having fun on the field.They are protected by their lovely mom who is nearby watching them play.Suddenly, there come a tyrannosaurus rex and he is hungry. He is after the baby tricera for its lunch meal. Help the mom tricera get to her baby and elimate the tyrannosaurus away from the baby. Collect apples on way to help feed the baby.

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4 months ago
Princess Tiana Hair Salon
Princess Tiana is going for the wedding of her classmate. The name of the bride is Elizabeth. Usually the princess doesn't go for parties. Since it is her best friend, she has decided to go to the party. The beautician of the princess has already left home. So she has come to your salon. Fulfil the expectations of the princess. Trim the hair of the princess that would suit her appearance. Make use of the cosmetics to the maximum. After dressing the hair rinse it off thoroughly with water. You have all the required instruments available in the shop. The princess has put her faith in you. Maintain your reputation as the unique beautician. The princess will pay heavily before she leaves. Be faithful to the girl.

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4 months ago
Lovely Search 2015
Click all the asked items on the board as soon as your eyes catch them.

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4 months ago
Teddy Fly
Teddy Fly is very fun and addictive game based on the hit trending app 'flappy bird'.

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4 months ago
The Great Bazooki
A rich businessman invited the famous illusionist named The Great Bazooki for his son\'s 3rd birthday. This show will be unforgettable... truly unforgettable.

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4 months ago
Superman Training
Improve Superman\'s punching skills in this awesome game ! Arrow keys: Movement Space: Attack

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4 months ago
Snowboard Madness
Strive to be the best as you ride the mountains.

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4 months ago
Hopagon is a challenging one button platformer. It features multiple worlds, each adding new mechanics such as platforms, jump pads, jump tokens, and more. The game also includes a permadeath hardcore mode with leaderboards for players who have completed the main game.

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5 months ago
Agent Smith
The bad guys captured skyscraper. Only agent Smith can help them. Way through the crowd of enemies and save all hostages!

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5 months ago
Age Of War
Take control of 16 different units and 15 different turrets to defend your base and destroy your enemy. In this game, you start at the cavern men\'s age, then evolve! There is a total of 5 ages, each with its units and turrets. I hope you have fun with this game!

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5 months ago
Armed With Wings 3
Armed With Wings 3 is here! Join Leo and his eagle in an epic quest to rid the land of dark creatures. Battle head to head with dozens of monsters and solve puzzles by using your eagle in this action platformer that is second to none!

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5 months ago
Crunch Ball 3000
Compete for glory in this futurist sport called Crunch Ball 3000!

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5 months ago
Pet Pony Makeover
Hi kids! This is cute pet pony and you are very fond of your pony that you love bathing it and try new looks often. In this pet care game, you will have to groom your pet and accessorize it stylishly. Mix and match the accessories and the outfit until you get the perfect makeover. First, give a nice shower to it, wash it clean and blow dry it. Finally, choose the kind of look you want for your pony. Have fun playing this pet makeover game!

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5 months ago
Amazing Tomb
This arcade skill game takes you on a huge pixel journey. Ready for some crazy jumping and avoiding obstacles? Upgrade your character with cool features and try to beat your own high score over and over again. Survive as long as you can in this endless jump game with 8-bit pixel art and cool graphics. Can you unlock all the upgrades and become the best Tomb Jumper in the world? Also try to unlock all the achievements in Amazing Tomb and check the statics for some interesting details.

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5 months ago
Wash Up Room Escape
On the weekend you are travelling to your town. Incidentally, you enter into the public Washroom to refresh.While refreshing the door locked inside. No one there to help you. But there are some clues and hidden objects to find. By finding that you can open the door and just escape from the Wash Up Room!

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5 months ago
Spaceship Parking Frenzy 2d
Improve your driving skills online by playing this spaceship driving and parking games. And see how good you are driving different spaceships and space cars in 10 intense levels the game has to offer. To play the game use arrow keys to drive and space bar to break the spaceship and make it slide. There are 3 different spaceships, drive each one and see which one you like better. Improve your parking skills and have the best time online! Good luck!

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5 months ago
Dora Christmas Kitchen Cleaning
Dora is busy preparing cakes and snacks for Christmas because her friends will come over for dinner on Christmas Eve. She is in such a hurry that she left things just like that on the floor. It wouldn\'t be good if her kitchen looks this way because she has to decorate and clean up the whole house. She is running short of time and she would be very happy if you clean up the kitchen for her. Throw away the wastes and put back the things where they must be that her kitchen looks neat and clean. Have fun playing this cleaning game!

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5 months ago
Animal Discovery Challenge
In this game you will have to fill a board with a given animal. The all board elements keep changing but You need to click the specific animal. You can click more than 1 blocks to get bonus score

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5 months ago
Baby Barbie Winter Skating Injury
The frozen family are making their hearts ready for the Christmas. They are busy with making the crib in the courtyard and in the garden. For each Christmas people in and around the town would come to witness the newly made crib. So they are working on that. Meanwhile you and decorate the room. This is a huge favour that you are going to do for them. They do not have enough time to decorate the room. You have greetings, balloons, stars and things like that. You have decorative items more than you need. Each and every bell you hang may sing and spread the joy of Christmas. The frozen family is very much thankful to your service. Along with them let us all join our hands and be elated of the birth of the Christ.

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5 months ago
10 Way Escape
You are trapped in a 10 door room. In every room puzzle and related objects and keys. You don\'t go to the director in all rooms. Solve the puzzles in every room and enter the next room. In every room puzzle have mind challenging of your creative, thinking and solving the objects. Finally, you open the last door to escape the puzzle house. Good Luck and Have a fun.

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5 months ago
Prom Princess
The Princess wants to get ready for a day out. Choose the correct eyelash, lipstick, eye colors to the guys and makeup her feeling comfort.

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5 months ago
Winter Wedding
Rose is really glad that her wedding is celebrated on the wintertime season. So Can you select the season wedding attires and accessories for her?

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5 months ago
Chinese Princess
Simply suppose the girl is a Chinese princess. Decide the dresses, hairdos and accessories and enjoy the game!

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5 months ago
Back To Home
Julie is back to home after finishing her graduation. Her Dad and Mom is waiting eagerly. So fix a good looking dress and makeover her.

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5 months ago
Crash It Smash It 3
Destroy buildings through 8 action packed levels. You need to meet targets in this new free game. Such as destroy 3 mail boxes and 2 umbrellas or 30 tower blocks and 10 houses. Once you have achieved this, you can then move onto the next level.

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5 months ago
Old Spanish Treasure Cave Escape
You are noticing the Treasure room which is placed in the forest and open it by incantation. After collecting all the Treasures and when you come to open the door just you forget the incantation. But there are some clues and simple puzzles to solve. Solve the funny puzzles and escape from the Treasure room!

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5 months ago
Mario New Extreme 3
New Mario styled game. This time you must take hammer to break walls and get key which open the door. Beware of falling rocks!You need to be fast! Your enemy will try to stop you. Look for upgrade and get extra life! Enjoy in this funny adventure game with 15 levels! Good Luck!

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5 months ago
Elsa Frozen Ball Makeover
The snow queen Elsa is attending a ball at the royal castle. Elsa wants to outdo her sister Anna in terms of look and therefore Elsa turns to you for a makeover.

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6 months ago
Frozen Baby Swimming Pool Decor
Elsa is the cute kid who resides next to your granny\'s house. On every weekend you would go to visit your grandmother. Whenever you come to your granny\'s house, the girl will play with you. The mom of the girl has invited you to visit the house. After seeing the house, you are taken aback. For the interior decor of the house is just outstanding. The house looks like a palace.

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6 months ago
Frozen Lazy Anna Haircut
She belongs to an aristocratic family. She always prefers sleeping. Yesterday one of her friends came to her home and invited her for a wedding. Anna also nodded strongly saying do not worry my dear friend Ill be there on time. Unfortunately the girl doesnt live up to the promise she makes. Just now the girl received a call from her friend and her friend asked where are you now the ritual has started.To which Anna answered I am sleeping. The girl is still feeling drowsy. Do the hair-dressing and do the makeover. The girl might doze off while hair-dressing. Do not take that into consideration. You carry on with the work. Trim the hair elegantly and give a decent look to the girl. It is already late so get the girl ready for the party as fast as you can. After hair-dressing you are supposed to makeover on the girl. Embellish the girl with the pretty dresses and send the girl to the wedding.

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6 months ago
Injured Elsa Frozen
Elsa ran from the castle to hide and ended up injured in the woods. Anna found her and she took her to the ice castle where you must heal her wounds and take care of the ice queen. Elsa needs an injection, many bandages and dezinfectant to keep her injuries clean and bacteria away. Heal her injuries and make sure she looks like a queen ready to rule Arendelle.

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6 months ago
Clean A House With Frozen Elsa
Clean a house with frozen Elsa. You have gone to Elsa\'s house. These are the evergreen moments in your life. Day before yesterday Elsa and you went for a movie. Yesterday you threw a party to your friends. You are eagerly waiting for the sunrise.Now,as soon as you got up you wanted to surprise Elsa with a gift. Oh my gosh! The girl is not in the room.

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6 months ago
Elsa Kissing Jack Frost
Elsa and Jack Frost fell in love at first sight! Help the two lovers hide their love from Olaf and sneak as many kisses as you can. Be quick and kiss Jack before time runs out, and make sure you don\'t let Olaf see the romantic moment. Act like nothing happened when the funny snowman turns around and the powerful duo will finally prove that love can overcome any obstacle.

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6 months ago
Elsa And Ken Kissing
The people should not see the couple making out in this Elsa and Ken kissing game, so you will be telling them when to start and when to stop so they do not get spotted.

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6 months ago
Fifa World Cup Kissing
The player needs energetic kisses from his lover to power up himself to give an unstoppable kick. Power up him and win the Soccer 2014 World cup!!! In first level, you will have to fill up at least 50 percent of power up loader to start scoring goals out of 6 chances. In second level, you will have to fill up at least 75 percent of power up loader to start scoring goals out of 9 chances. In third level, you will have to fill up at least 90 percent of power up loader to start scoring goals out of 12 chances.

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6 months ago
Tom Cat Kissing
Tom and Angela are falling in love with each other.But Ben always comes to break their sweet date.So please help them kiss secretly!Have fun!

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6 months ago
Frozen Elsa Ice Bucket Makeover
Snow Queen Elsa wants to have a body spa and facial makeover and you will be using an ice bucket for the spa treatments as she likes the freezing cold very much. Fist, start with her body and then her.

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6 months ago
Elsa Frozen Cool Makeover
In this Elsa Frozen Cool Makeover game you have a special client for a makeover. Princess Elsa wants to look cool like you. Can you transform her ordinary appearance into a more attractive one that she looks as fashionable and stylish as you? Apply facial creams and makeup on face for making her face glow and choose some trendy accessories for her. Enjoy!

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6 months ago
Frozen Princess Gown Cake Decor
Here is a brand new Frozen Princesses inspired cake decor game for all the girls who love these lovely princesses. It is a ball gown themed cake and you can choose your favorite princess as the cake topper. Choose some attractive designs for the base of the cake, i.e., gown. Be very creative in decorating this princess cake and gift it to your friend. Have fun with cake decoration game!

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6 months ago
Frozen Back To School Nails
Color Girls Cherry, Grace and Gill are discussing about back to school nails. Then Gill comes up with the idea of a Frozen inspired manicure. That\'s a brilliant idea! Could you help them with the caring procedures and nail designs?

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6 months ago
Decorate Frozen Castle
Hi,kids!In this game,you can decorate princess Elsa\'s frozen castle as you like!Use your imagination and create your own castle!Have fun

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6 months ago
Anna Frozen After Injury
In search of Elsa, Anna went to the frozen forest. Next day morning on the journey, suddenly, she heard the voice of Elsa. She rushed in the path where the voice comes from but suddenly she was slipped by a small stone and fall down. Now she got injured in her cheek. Can you give her a first aid and make Anna get well soon?

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6 months ago
Frozen Anna Room Decor
Anna is the prettiest girl in the college. She has so many fans at college. Day after tomorrow is her birthday. Everyone at home is busy cleaning the house. She would be happy if you join her. Now that she is going to adorn her room with the interior decoration. She is running out of time. Give her a helping hand. Select the decorative items and place them in an appropriate order. The kith and kin of Anna are at home.

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6 months ago
Frozen Elsa Bedroom
Elsa is the friend of your cousin. You are in a jubilant mood: for, your cousin is coming to your abode tomorrow. She is bringing two of her friends along with her. You all have planned to go for a movie. Before that you have an important task to complete. In your house, Elsa has a separate room. Every month she would give a spring cleaning to the house and at the end she would decorate the room in a grand manner.

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6 months ago
Frozen Castle Cake
Day after tomorrow Anna celebrates her birthday. Everyone in the family is happy to celebrate the event in a grand manner. The girl is fond of eating cake. It would be better if you make her a big cake. Certainly the cake you are preparing will add more joy to her on the day of celebration. The main part is decorating the cake like a castle. She would be taken aback after witnessing the huge cake that you prepare for her.

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6 months ago
Elsa Frozen Brain Surgery
Put your scrubs on and start your neurologist role with a thorough medical exam in order to gather as many details as possible about Elsa\'s health condition. Check out her temperature and her heart as well and once you\'re sure she needs a brain surgery, start shaving her gorgeous blonde hair and prepare her for the long surgery hours.

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6 months ago
Anna Frozen Makeup School
The wedding day has gone, but Anna wants to looks stunningly every day! She asked her sister, Queen Elsa, where did she made her salon look. And, ofcourse, Elsa adviced her your amazing salon! Its time to show all you can!

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6 months ago
Frozen Elsa Sleigh
The Frozen queen Elsa sent Jack a new sled, Jack and the princess Anna rode reindeer sleigh.They took the Elsa and Snowman ready to a fun journey. Jack\'s reindeer is mischievous and difficult to drive, can you help them?

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6 months ago
Frozen Elsa Find Candy
Anna and Elsa like to eat candy,and like to play together.They collect all kinds of candy together in the snow.They must collect all the candy before they can open the Shimen.

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6 months ago
Play the most realistic car parking game and see how good you are, drive through urban and natural scenaries and complete all the challenges and park like real drivers do. The game offers 20 levels for you to test and improve online. Have an amazing time playing car parking games online good luck!

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6 months ago
Frozen Sisters
We know how much you girls love Frozen! In this new dress up game Anna and Elsa are together at last! They love to pretend they are going to a fancy ball so they try on all sorts of sparkly outfits together!! Have fun picking out beautiful gowns for Anna and Elsa in this fun frozen dress up game for girls!

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6 months ago
Frozen Elsa Pedicure
Elsa is a young maiden who resides next to your house. She has so many friends. You are one among them. She has been bed-ridden for several months. Now she is alright. She is very eagerly waiting to see you. The reason behind is that she is your best friend not only that she wants do pedicure. She can afford to go to elite salon but they may not do as you do. The girl will be in your abode within few minutes. Treat the girl with love and care.

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6 months ago
Frozen Elsas Coronation Hairstyle
Play our brand-new hair game for girls and learn step-by-step how to make this unique, ballerina-inspired bun! As always, our new hairstyling game begins with a short hair washing session in which youll have to obtain a glowing and silky look for this cute model\'s hair and then you\'re getting the chance to choose if you\'d like to make Frozen Elsa\'s coronation hairstyle or if you\'d like to let your creativity run free and come up with an unique creation! Have a great time, ladies!

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6 months ago
Frozen Elsa Royal Makeover
Girls! You might have seen the movie Frozen and liked the deuteragonist the snow queen Elsa. In this spa makeover game which we have prepared for all the cute girls out there, you can meet this cute princess and pamper her with spa treatments. Yes, you are going to be her beautician and give her a royal makeover, rather a stylish one with bold makeup, glasses and things like that. So, are you ready to play this makeover game? Have fun!

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6 months ago
Elsas Frozen Dessert Trifle
Hello ladies! Today we have a brand new game for you in which Elsa will show you the most delicious recipe ever! I bet you didn\'t know that Elsa was such a great cook, right? Well, I must tell you she makes the most delicious desserts. Don\'t waste any more time and prepare this amazing dessert trifle with your favorite Frozen character, the beautiful Elsa. Have a great time playing this exciting new Cutezee game called Elsa\'s Frozen Dessert Trifle!

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6 months ago
Frozen Anna Waterfall Braids
In this Disney hair game for girls you ladies are getting the chance to style up Princess Anna\'s long hair locks into an elegant and gorgeous at the same time braided hairstyle. Are you ready to start discovering how to do it? Begin your job a Miss Anna\'s personal hairdresser with a fun hair washing session and then feel free to proceed to the next page of the game where you can choose if you\'d like to learn how to do a gorgeous waterfall braid or if you\'d like to play with your creativity and create a really original updo for our cutie pie here. Once you\'re done, you can also chance Princess Anna\'s hair color and you can also pick from a wide variety of your pins your favorites for a final look. Have a great time!

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6 months ago
Frozen Anna Spellbinding Makeover
Frozen Anna Spellbinding Makeover is a facial beauty game in which Princess Anna is your client and you will have to perform various facial beauty tasks on her in order to get her ready for the ball tonight.

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6 months ago
Anna Frozen Hairstyles
She is all about fashion and style. A new hairstyle for each event for her is a must. And tonight a big ball is going to take place in the Frozen Palace! Anna wants her hair to look amazing. Will you style her up?

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6 months ago
Frozen Wedding Day
Join the beautiful Anna from the famous Frozen movie and her beloved Kristoff for their wedding day. It is such a great occasion to prove your love and joy for their shared love. First, you will prove your artistic skills by coloring their wedding invitation, then your decorating skills by preparing the scene for this joyful moment.

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6 months ago
Frozen Elsa Ear Cleaning
Elsa is your sister. You along with your family went for a marriage yesterday. Tomorrow you have planned to go to the beach. Early morning your sister is shouting like anything. She suffers from earache. Many times you advised your sister to clean the ears after taking bath. She never took them into account. Since you are a doctor, treat your sister patiently. Apply spray on the ear and clean the dirt with the sponge.

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6 months ago
Frozen Love Spell
Anna wants to find her soul mate and you will have to help her do that with a love spell. This spell consists of four ingredients and the recipe is a well-kept secret. You will have a challenging job finding the right combination from the many ingredients available. With your help I am sure Kristoff will turn out and win Anna\'s heart.

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6 months ago
The Frozen Quiz
I don\'t know about you, but I absolutely love Frozen! My favorite characters from this exciting movie are all of them, because they all have their adorable and not so adorable features. Whether you have made up your mind about whom your favorite character is, or not, the fantastic quiz game that we have prepared for you, called The Frozen Quiz, will answer your question. We have created the questions in such a way that in the end not only will you get your character, but also a short description of your personality. Have a really amazing time playing our exciting quiz game called The Frozen Quiz and finding out which character from Frozen you are!

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6 months ago
Anna Frozen Adventure Part 1
Anna wants to rescue Elsa and bring her home, but in order to do that, she has to complete some challenges. Use the arrow keys to interact with Anna and find the way in the forest. She has three stops to make. In the first level, you will have to help Anna collect as many keys as you can so she will find her way out of a dangerous cave. Then, you will arrive at the Oaken Trading Post and you will have to find the hidden items that Anna needs for her journey.

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6 months ago
Frozen Wedding Designer
Did you know that Queen Elsa is getting married soon? She wants her bridal gown to be absolutely exclusive and that\'s why she hired you as her personal wedding designer. Pick the shape and the pattern for each garment and sew the best wedding gown for Elsa!

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6 months ago
Frozen Anna Tooth Care
Elsa is very fond of cookies. Yesterday, she went to the park with the family. She ate delicious cookies. This morning the mom of Anna heard a kind of howling. Later, she came to know that that cacophony came from Anna who suffers from severe toothache. She has came to your hospital. The girl is of doctors. She has come to you which would mean that she trusts you. First of all clean the mouth by sprinkling water on the teeth. Using the instruments clean the tooth. Pull the teeth out if they are decayed. Treat the girl gently. Replace the decayed teeth with the good ones. The parents of the girl are too much worried about their daughter. Give a piece advice to the girl like how to protect her tooth from cavity. Thank you so much for treating the girl with love and care. The girl and the parents of the girl are very thankful to you.

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6 months ago
Frozen Anna Coronation Hairstyle
Frozen Elsa\'s big coronation day was an important event for her sister, too. It was Anna\'s occasion to dress up really nice and attend a royal party at which she hopes to find her true love! She styled her hair in a very elegant pinwheel bun for this special event and that\'s the royal updo you ladies are going to learn how to make on your own, how cool is that? The main character of our game is not Princess Anna but a gorgeous teen girl who wants to flaunt Anna\'s Coronation Hairstyle at her prom and as her personal stylist, you\'ll have to make sure she gets this elegant, ballerina-inspired bun!

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6 months ago
Annas Frozen Spa
Hello ladies! It\'s high time that we joined the beautiful Anna from Frozen on another one of her amazing adventures. Today we are going to join her at the spa, where she is planning on pampering herself with some amazing beauty treatments that will make her feel absolutely gorgeous. You are going to begin your journey at Anna\'s frozen spa with a fun spa part that will consist of the most exciting and amazing masks and treatments.

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6 months ago
Olaf Frozen Doctor
Olaf is the very favorite character from film Frozen. The cute snowman melts down when its sun hits up the temperature. Oops! Rush him to the doctor. Help doctor spell the magic and provide him good treatment to get him well. So get the cutie Olaf well soon. Have fun!

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6 months ago
Frozen Anna Dentist
Frozen Anna Dentist.

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6 months ago
Frozen Room Decoration
Frozen needs your help to decorate her house room. Use your decorating options to make her life more beautiful and she will thank you. Have fun while doing it!If you like this game Please vote for it.

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6 months ago
Baby Frozen Bathing
Have you ever imagined how Queen Elsa of Arrendale looked as a baby? Well here she is! Meet baby Elsa. She\'s getting ready to go play with her friends in the palace. First care for her by giving her a bath, then dress her up in adorable royal outfits! Have fun playing caring games with sky breeze!

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6 months ago
Frozen Elsa Freezing Makeover
You can make up frozen princess Elsa by playing our latest makeover game.

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6 months ago
Frozen Winter Puzzle
Arrange the pieces correctly to find out the image. To swap a pieces position, click on the piece and then click the other one. The Quicker you are to complete, to get the more score.

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6 months ago
Frozen Engagement
This date is going to be a very special one for Jack and Elsa: Jack wants to propose to the queen of his heart! Help him pick the most romantic place with a beautiful snowy landscape and find the best engagement ring for Elsa. And of course, Elsa and Jack need your stylist\'s advice on what to wear!

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6 months ago

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