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  • Diamond Box report Diamond Box Zdoz 2 years ago No description available.
  • Diamond Dust report Diamond Dust JoinGamer 2 years ago Diamond Dust is a puzzle game that challenges you to make combinations of at least three diamonds to get them from the playboard.
  • Gumball Jewel Match report Gumball Jewel Match Like a Gamer 11 months ago Next for today we have for you another new and fun game in which the main character is your friend Gumball. This new game is a matching game a jewel match game in which you need to use your mind and form pairs of three or more jewels of the same type and color. Gumball us is as always looking to impress by offering the best online games for you and we hope you will enjoy playing this new game. The game has a number of levels and each level has a target score that you need to gain in order to move further in the levels in a limited time. What do you say Are you ready for some fun with Gumball Than join us and play this new jewel match type of game. Have fun
  • Seashell Queen 2 report Seashell Queen 2 Mankiz 3 years ago Want to be a true underwater princess? Join Seashell Queen in this fun sequel!
  • Shining Jewels Link report Shining Jewels Link JoinGamer 2 years ago Crazy pirates are looking for precious jewels.
  • Graveyard jewel report Graveyard jewel GameGox 3 years ago Legend has it that the largest, most beautiful gem in the universe has been buried deep within a haunted graveyard. With a mining pick in hand, and a laser gun as a weapon, you must dig your way through this spooky graveyard, zapping monsters and collecting some of the lesser precious stones that they have been guarding. Dig and zap through 20 stages of haunting fun while searching for this illustrious... Graveyard Jewel!
  • Gem Jem Party report Gem Jem Party JoinGamer 2 years ago Get ready to party with this brand new free, addictive, gem-matching puzzler! Burst as many gems as possible in 60 action-packed seconds and compete for the highest score in weekly tournaments.
  • Jewels Empire report Jewels Empire JoinGamer 2 years ago Enjoy this incredible match puzzle game! With colorful graphics and great gameplay.
  • Diamond mine report Diamond mine Yomza 1 year ago No description available.
  • Jade Monkey report Jade Monkey GameGox 3 years ago <p>\r\n<p>An addictive jewel match game set in the Amazons.</p>\r\n<div></div>\r\n</p>
  • Crown Jewels report Crown Jewels 5Games 3 years ago Become a rich king by matching adjacent jewels and crafting ...
  • Gems Match Deluxe report Gems Match Deluxe Awky 2 years ago Swap adjacent blocks to line up 3 or more of the same type of Gems next to each other horizontally or vertically to make a match. <br />To win a level makes all the tiles transparent.
  • Epic Mahjong Battles report Epic Mahjong Battles JoinGamer 2 years ago Epic Mahjong Battle is a turn based Mahjong game which can be played by 1 or 2 players.
  • Break Quadrel report Break Quadrel JoinGamer 2 years ago What does the flash game world need? This one has sexy saxophones which totally makes it awesome.
  • Jewels Wall report Jewels Wall Like a Gamer 11 months ago Click on groups of 3 or more of the same colored jewels. Dont let them reach the top.
  • Diamond Theft report Diamond Theft Zdoz 2 years ago No description available.
  • Frozen 10 report Frozen 10 Bofer 3 months ago Place gems on the ice in Frozen 10 This thinking game challenges you to form complete lines of jewels. You can choose between three shapes during each move. Set up a few rows or diagonal lines and complete them at the same time
  • African Rainmaker report African Rainmaker Like a Gamer 11 months ago African Rainmaker As the village medicine man its up to you to end the drought and make jewels fall ...
  • Atlantis Jewels report Atlantis Jewels 5Games 3 years ago Swap and match gems in this new Atlantis Jewels game. The go...
  • Sea Jewel report Sea Jewel JoinGamer 2 years ago Match 3 and then build on the groups up to buy more time - the bigger the group the more points you get.
  • Arabian Jewels report Arabian Jewels JoinGamer 2 years ago Swap adjacent gems to make sets of 3 or more.
  • Ramayana report Ramayana Zdoz 2 years ago No description available.
  • Ancient Jewels 3: Cleopatra Treasures report Ancient Jewels 3: Cleopatra Treasures 5Games 3 years ago Use your great gems-collecting intuitions as you strive to c...
  • Gem bubblez report Gem bubblez Yomza 1 year ago No description available.
  • Pimp my grill report Pimp my grill Yomza 1 year ago No description available.
  • Minecaves report Minecaves 4J 7 months ago Minecaves was inspired by Minecraft, your task in this game is gather all gems and get to the exit of the cave. Have a good time!
  • Mysterious Pirate Jewels report Mysterious Pirate Jewels Like a Gamer 11 months ago Mouse over aligned jewels clear the ones that have a golden background tiles. Use the key to win.
  • Pokemon Go Mystery report Pokemon Go Mystery 4J 7 months ago In this game, you are travel around the real world to catch the rare Pokemon. Solve the mystery puzzle to find the hidden place and collect the secret Pokemon! Good Luck and have fun!
  • Egyptian Treasure report Egyptian Treasure GameGox 3 years ago Match all coloured blocks to defeat the mummy that protect the Pharaoh treasure! 21 Levels of increasing difficulty!
  • Garo Sword Escape report Garo Sword Escape 4J 7 months ago Garo, who is a Makai Armor that specialize in long sword combat, needs your help. Find and solve puzzles to get useful objects to unlock the mystical sword. In the end you will defeat the final horror by using mystical sword . Enjoy!
  • Treasures of Aladdin report Treasures of Aladdin JoinGamer 2 years ago Awesome and greatly addictive free match-3 puzzle game with a lot of skill levels and amazing art style.
  • Stealing the Diamond report Stealing the Diamond JoinGamer 2 years ago Select how you are going to break in to steal the diamond. Your actions affect if you get it or not.
  • Diggy report Diggy 4J 7 months ago Diggy is a cute miner diggy game. What you have to do in this game is digging deep into the ground through different ground types to collect the jewels. Have a good time!
  • Jumping Miner report Jumping Miner 4J 7 months ago Try to jump as high as possible and collect the jewels.
  • Treasure Keeper report Treasure Keeper GameKos 3 years ago Once you pop - you can\'t stop. And why stop? Pop as much as you can! It\'s a fun and easy action-puzzle game for everyone!rnrnCombine at least 3 jewels of the same color to make them pop. Use your mouse to aim and shoot. Get more points for popping more than 3 jewels at once, or dropping jewels that aren\'t attached to anything.
  • Fashion Salon Slacking report Fashion Salon Slacking 4J 7 months ago You need to go in a fashion salon and you are bored. You want to play mini games but don't want to be caught by the manager. Be carefull and good luck.
  • Jewel Thief report Jewel Thief Like a Gamer 5 days ago In this maze game you will have to steal the requested item usually blinking and escape unnoticed by the guards and security cameras. Be careful though as even the easiest level may be filled with safe looking spots that really are not That original spot where you were unnoticed may now be the main spot to get busted. How many items can you steal successfully
  • Slugterra Fun Jewel Match report Slugterra Fun Jewel Match PlayRosy 11 months ago Use your skills to match the colorful jewels and make them dissappear. You are used to this type of game by now and you do not need further instructions. Help your Slugterra heroes by making all the jewels vanish. Have fun
  • Princess Lisa Wedding Salon report Princess Lisa Wedding Salon PlayRosy 7 months ago The grand wedding ceremony of Princess Lisa is just around the corner As a professional designer you will be in charge of the makeover and dress up style for our beloved princess on this great wedding day You can use different kinds of hairdressers shoes bride veils jewelry eyelash wedding dresses and all other decorations to dress up our Princess Lisa in the wedding salons
  • Angry Fireboy and Watergirl report Angry Fireboy and Watergirl Bofer 3 months ago Launch an angry Fireboy and Watergirl at flames liquid and zombies This unique platform sequel challenges you to fly through jewels for points. Fireboy must touch all of the flames and Watergirl must hit every blue being. Dont run out of hearts
  • Gem Fusion report Gem Fusion GameGox 3 years ago Combine gems into new gems in this strategic match 3 game! You have to place the gems on the board in a well chosen location. If you connect 3 or more of the same type, they fuse into another gem. Ultimately they will fuse into a red bonus gem, which you can collect to buy a hammer in the shop!
  • Fruits Madness report Fruits Madness GameGox 3 years ago Very addicting match three game with fruits. You goal is to match three or more in a row or column.
  • Fireboy And Watergirl: The Forest Temple report Fireboy And Watergirl: The Forest Temple 4J 7 months ago Help Fireboy and Watergirl through the maze and collect the diamonds on their way to the exits. The A,W,D keys move Watergirl and the arrow keys move Fireboy. Since fire and water don't mix, be sure to not let Fireboy go in the water lakes and don't let Watergirl go in the fire lakes. And keep them both out of the green lakes.
  • Cinderella Magic Transformation report Cinderella Magic Transformation 4J 7 months ago Cinderella's day is really tough: it's not that simple to cater all whims of her sisters and stepmother! All day long she's cleaning, washing, drying, cooking and serving - not a single minute to rest! And when the twilight settles over the city, she's finally have some time to rest and dream about beautiful castle and royal ball and ofcourse about prince charming. And looks like her dreams finally become true! Her fairy godmother is here! And - Bibbidi Bobbidi - she'll make some magic for our beloved Cinderella. Join her and make everything for our girl to become real princess! Use magic wand to transform mices into horses, and pumpkin into carrige. Choose the perfect dress and accessories, and don't forget to design ideal glass slippers! With your little help Cinderella will become the prettiest girl at the whole kingdom! So, no doubt, Prince will fall in love with her!
  • Twin Cat Warrior report Twin Cat Warrior 4J 7 months ago Twin Cat Warriors is a funny adventure in a classic two player game. You can play with your friends. The mission of Twin Cat Warriors is looking for gems. All gems must be obtained before they can cross the border.
  • King Of Gems report King Of Gems 4J 7 months ago You need to match 3 or more objects by clicking on a group of 3 gems or more. Hope you have a high score.
  • Gem Caverns report Gem Caverns Zdoz 2 years ago No description available.
  • Mayan Treasure report Mayan Treasure JoinGamer 2 years ago Explore the ancient ruins of Mayan civilization while discovering hidden treasures and priceless artifacts.
  • Fireboy And Watergirl 3 In The Ice Temple report Fireboy And Watergirl 3 In The Ice Temple 4J 7 months ago Control 2 characters as you each of their abilities to help one another grab gems finish the level.
  • Stealing The Diamond report Stealing The Diamond 4J 7 months ago You've successfully Escaped the Prison, now it's time to make some cash by Stealing the Diamond!
  • Old MacDonald had a farm report Old MacDonald had a farm GameGox 3 years ago Fun Match 3 game on the Farm of Old MacDonald. Match 3 of the same animals in a row (horizontal or vertical) to remove the animals from the game. You control the game with the mouse.
  • Crystal Blast report Crystal Blast 4J 7 months ago Drag a gem and match 3 in a row to eliminate gems. Time will be increased by the eliminating of Gems. Mind the timer runs out and the game ends. Try it!
  • Jewelry designer engagement ring report Jewelry designer engagement ring 8Bob 2 years ago No description available.
  • Galactic Gems 2 Level Pack report Galactic Gems 2 Level Pack GameGox 2 years ago Addition to the Galactic Gems 2 - 30 new levels !<br /><br />Collect galactic gems. Discover powerful bonuses. Explore new planets.<br /><br />Swap adjacent gems to make matches of 3 or more in vertical or horizontal lines. Clear all background bricks to proceed to the next level. Create bonuses by matching more then 3 gems.<br />- 30 challenging levels<br />- 5 beautiful planets<br />- 12 powerful bonuses<br />- tons of fun !<br /><br />Esc - pause<br />R - restart level<br /><br />Good luck !
  • Jewels connect mahjong report Jewels connect mahjong Yomza 1 year ago No description available.
  • Leopard Fashion report Leopard Fashion 7Age 1 year ago Animal print is both bold and timeless so Cindy decided she wants a daring outfit would you help her out How about an incredible leopard print classy without being trashy accessorized with glam jewelry and a nice hairdo. She will turn all heads. Use the mouse to play this cute game.
  • Cinderella Prom Dress Design report Cinderella Prom Dress Design 4J 7 months ago Cinderella is worried about her prom night because she doesn't have money to buy a prom dress. Could you help her design a prom dress? Take her measurement, tailoring and sewing, when the dress is done, play a little fashion magic and decorate her prom dress. Help her wear the dress and match with cute accessories. Have fun!
  • Medieval Shark report Medieval Shark 4J 7 months ago Judgement day is upon us, as the prophecy foretold. The master of death has come to claim the world. But only a child fears dragons, a real threat emerges from the depths. Only he, a man, a shark, a sharkman can save us. Is he our savior or are we just dinner? A jaw of 1000 teeth in King Arthur's court will determine our fate. Castles will be destroyed, lives will be forfeit, death has met his match. Long live the king.
  • Cursed Treasure report Cursed Treasure 4J 7 months ago Defend the gems from the thieving enemy. Build towers along the path. Upgrade them to increase their powers.
  • Know Your Trivia report Know Your Trivia GameGox 2 years ago <p>Enjoy Trivia at its best. Topics ranging from zoology to earthly riches. Play all the available topics and set the highscore. Good luck.</p><br /><p>When the game is loaded press start. At the next screen you select a topic you like. After selecting a topic the question is given and you need to answer them correctly by selecting the correct multiple choice answer as fast as possible. If you answer incorrectly you earn less points for this question. Play each topic to set a new highscore. Play topics again to improve your score.</p>
  • Shopping Street report Shopping Street Bofer 3 months ago Build strip malls all over the United States Add streets of shops in Los Angeles New York Houston and Chicago. Add specific industries to make you tons of money like jewelry and electronics. Dont forget to build a minimarket and open a boutique clothing store for women
  • Know Your Trivia report Know Your Trivia GameKos 2 years ago <p>Enjoy Trivia at its best. Topics ranging from zoology to earthly riches. Play all the available topics and set the highscore. Good luck.</p><br /><p>When the game is loaded press start. At the next screen you select a topic you like. After selecting a topic the question is given and you need to answer them correctly by selecting the correct multiple choice answer as fast as possible. If you answer incorrectly you earn less points for this question. Play each topic to set a new highscore. Play topics again to improve your score.</p>
  • Trying My Mom's Clothes report Trying My Mom's Clothes 7Age 1 year ago Sneak into Mommys closet and try on all of her clothes This mother game puts you into an adult bedroom. You can sneak into the vanity and play with all types of makeup. Then go wild with beautiful clothes Try on Moms dresses jewelry and shoes
  • Jewellery Mahjong Y8 report Jewellery Mahjong Y8 Like a Gamer 11 months ago Dont lose the opportunity to play new free mahjong game with rich graphics by This game is a great find for the amateurs of jewelry and precious accessories. The game goal is to clear all jewelry from the playing board by clicking at two identical unblocked items. But be attentive as the level time is limited. Have fun playing this ancient Chinese game in modern excellent interpretation.
  • Jewel Quest Mysteries Midnight report Jewel Quest Mysteries Midnight JoinGamer 2 years ago Uncover a fantastic journey behind Jewel Quest Mysteries - Trail of the Midnight Heart, the captivating hidden object sequel to the best-selling hit! Young adventurer Eva Witheby has traveled to a distant land at the beckoning call of her uncle.
  • One Little Driller report One Little Driller JoinGamer 2 years ago Little driller wants to get rich... Dig through earth and find some valuable treasures.
  • Hop Don't Stop! report Hop Don't Stop! 4J 7 months ago This is a 'Temple Run' style action running game. Game character is a cute bunny. Follow the arrows on the wall or board. Features power-ups and upgrades.
  • Gemcraft Chapter Zero Gem of Eternity report Gemcraft Chapter Zero Gem of Eternity 4J 7 months ago GemCraft Chapter is an incredible tower defense game created by GameInABottle. Mission of the game is to defend the roadways from terrible wandering monsters. Destroy monsters with gem-towers and carry on your quest for the Gem of Eternity.
  • Fairy Barbie Wedding Nails report Fairy Barbie Wedding Nails 4J 7 months ago Fairy Barbie is preparing for her wedding. She comes to your nail salon for a nice hand spa and manicure. First give her a relaxing hand spa by applying the hand cream and polishing her nails. Then use your talent to mix and match color and different patterns to create beautiful nail polish. Use your new nail polish to start nail art design. Complete her nails by adding cute ornaments. Don't forget to choose accessories like rings and bracelets. Have fun playing Fairy Barbie Wedding Nails presented by Colorgirlgames!
  • Around The World Fashion Show report Around The World Fashion Show 4J 7 months ago Be part of an incredible journey in Around The World Fashion Show and travel on all continents while exploring the local traditions! Each country has its own flavor when it comes to fashion and they are all equally gorgeous. In this very exciting game you have four different parts of the world in which you can try to organize a fashion show. First you have Europe, a very multicultural continent, that has some common grounds when it comes to their traditional outfits. We are talking about flower prints, embroidery and beautiful skirts of all sizes. Flowers are so appreciated here that you can find them on shawls or in tiaras. Next we are heading to Africa where we can find so many cool hairstyles and bright colors in clothes. The African prints are a bit more geometric, which makes them so special. But what it's truly inspiring is the statement jewelry made with natural materials like wood and feathers. Asia is too diverse to cram it into one, so we will go to two different countries: India and China. In India we can see many colors, loose fabrics, gold and head jewelry, while in China we get to see twisted buns, draped clothes and many hair accessories. Enjoy playing Around The World Fashion Show!
  • Disney Princess Spring Ball report Disney Princess Spring Ball 4J 7 months ago Spring is already here and it means the time for the annual Disney Princess Spring Ball has come! Princesses Elsa, Cinderella and Belle visit this ball every spring and this spring is not an exaction. Princesses are waiting for their fashion adviser, YOU! Create a unique spring outlook for each princess. Choose only best ball dresses, hairstyles and jewelries. Elsa, Cinderella and Belle want to be the most beautiful princesses at the ball. Enjoy!
  • Shopping Day report Shopping Day PlayRosy 6 months ago Shopping alone is not that fun and Barbara knows it thats why she would like you to join her. You could help her try out different outfits and makeup products. You must stop at the new Passion for Fashion store and help Barbara choose a fabulous day dress and a gown. You can find the most fabulous shoes at the new OMG Shoes boutique and you definitely have to stop at the Bling Bling shop to help Barbara buy new jewels and accessories.
  • Disney Princesses Double Wedding report Disney Princesses Double Wedding PlayRosy 11 months ago Two beautiful princesses and bffs Ariel and Aurora have decided to celebrate their weddings together to have more fun guests and presents. Princesses are inviting you to join their weddings and help them with the preparation. There are many beautiful wedding dresses stylish wedding hairstyles and precious jewelries.
  • Stealing the Diamond report Stealing the Diamond Zdoz 2 years ago No description available.
  • Puppy Diamond Adventure report Puppy Diamond Adventure JoinGamer 2 years ago The little puppy is piggish! He wants more good eating pastries, but he's short of money! Help him collect enough diamonds to exchange for pastries, but be aware of the little bunnies who constantly makes jokes on him and the scary ghosts who appear and disappear mysteriously.
  • Treasure Seekers: Lost Jewels report Treasure Seekers: Lost Jewels JoinGamer 2 years ago Help Grandpa find the lost jewels for the ceremony.
  • Tribal Jungle - Jewel Quest (Match Three Game) report Tribal Jungle - Jewel Quest (Match Three Game) GameKos 3 years ago <p>This is a High Risk – High Reward situation. Treasure is hidden in the tribal jungle; you must break the blocks hiding it by matching gems of the same kind and find it. However it is not that easy, once you find the treasure you must collect it by bringing it to the bottom of the grid. With limited time and angry locals, your jewel quest will not be easy.</p>rn<p>Game Features:</p>rn<p>10 Fun Filled Levels</p>rn<p>6 Achievements to Unlock</p>
  • Crazy Digger 2 Level Pack report Crazy Digger 2 Level Pack Bofer 3 months ago Dig through deadly blocks to score Crazy Digger 2 Level Pack features new puzzles with glowing gems and tricky traps. You must eat all of the purple jewels before time expires. Plan your moves in advance to avoid getting crushed
  • The Fashion Factor report The Fashion Factor 2-Play 1 year ago Prepare three beautiful models for the fashion show As the stylist you can design the hairstyle dresses and jewelry for each model. Make the three outfits as unique as possible so each model can shine on the runway. Showcase your design skills in several different venues
  • Diamond Hunt 9 Stranger House Escape report Diamond Hunt 9 Stranger House Escape 4J 7 months ago Mike went to his friend's apartment and nearby that he found a Strange House and he doubted it could be a clue of the other diamond. Your mission is to help him get the 9th diamond by collecting the objects around the house and use them to solve puzzles. Enjoy!
  • Sofia Nails Salon report Sofia Nails Salon PlayRosy 2 years ago Sofia has reached the age when she can go to the salon and have a manicure. You have to help her go thru the entire process. Clean her hands and nails then use the manicure tools to remove the dry cuticles cut and polish the nails. When the nails are ready paint them in fun colors and add some jewelry. Have fun
  • Ancient Jewels: Lion Temple report Ancient Jewels: Lion Temple Zdoz 2 years ago No description available.
  • Amy Seeing Jewelry Dress Up report Amy Seeing Jewelry Dress Up 4J 7 months ago Every girl loves beautiful jewelry, Amy is no exception. Please help Amy choose the most shining earrings and necklace from the closet, and then pick up suitable clothes to dress up her, let the girl become more charming.
  • Gold Mine Jurassic Dig report Gold Mine Jurassic Dig 4J 5 months ago Gold Mine Jurassic Dig is an amazing series about dinosaur jigsaw.You must dig up the bones of these mysterious. It's both cool and interesting. Take few minutes and have a good time!
  • Fashion and glamour report Fashion and glamour GameKos 3 years ago Fashion & Glamouris a trendy fashiongame for young girls who enjoy styling and makeup. Fashion & Glamour not only offers a huge selection of stylish accesssoires,jewelry,earrings,headdresses, but here you can create your own hairstyles through typical items used by hairdressers like scissors,combs,hair colors. Create new trendy looks and send them your friends o present them your perfect styling.rnPlease note :rn(The sourcecode is not a fla file)rnNon exclusive music !For exclusive-music contact the music-artists.rn The game is published on Mochigames, Kongregate, Newgrounds and on the private website. ( < 10,000 views )
  • Peppa Pig Bejeweled report Peppa Pig Bejeweled Zdoz 2 years ago No description available.
  • Treasure Hunter Game report Treasure Hunter Game Zdoz 2 years ago No description available.
  • Ultimate Jewel report Ultimate Jewel JoinGamer 2 years ago In this game you have to arrange 3 similar jewels in a row or a column to make them disappear and earn maximum points through different levels.
  • Princess Team report Princess Team PlayRosy 2 years ago All the Princesses loves expensive jewels. The modern Princesses buy jewels for themselves and do not expect Prince Charming to comer and give them expensive jewels. Choose some amazing outfits for the Princess team and get them ready for a night out. They must look ready to go buy jewels and have fun.
  • Diy Nail Art Designs report Diy Nail Art Designs 4J 7 months ago Welcome to the DIY nail art studios! Here you could learn 5 cute nail arts which you could DIY at home! They are so easy to do and match well with every style! Let's get started! Have fun!
  • Race Car Cutie report Race Car Cutie Zdoz 2 years ago No description available.
  • Know your Jewels quiz report Know your Jewels quiz GameGox 2 years ago <p>Diamonds are a girls best friend. Will you also recognize many of the other precious earthly riches? Play Know your Jewels and find out about the many gems and jewels the earth possesses.</p><br /><p>When the game is loaded press start. At this point the question is given and you need to answer them correctly by selecting the correct multiple choice answer as fast as possible. If you answer incorrectly you earn less points for this question untill their are no answers left. Play on and the more points you score the better you rank in the highscore list.</p>
  • Time Hunters report Time Hunters Zdoz 2 years ago No description available.
  • Tap Tap Dash Online report Tap Tap Dash Online 4J 5 months ago You tap, the bird jumps. Double tap, the bird turns direction in the air, then it can survive. Tap tap dash online is such an addicting game, what you need to do is just tap to jump at the right time, the cute bird will live much longer. The arrows are tips for jump. The speed your bird running will be faster and faster as time goes by, so focus on the road, or your bird will crash and die. Try to create a new high score and show it to your friends, have a good time!
  • Discover Istanbul report Discover Istanbul JoinGamer 2 years ago Collapse the gems as you clear the golden tiles & make the key drop through the dashed area.
  • Polly Pocket Mermaid World Dress Up report Polly Pocket Mermaid World Dress Up 7Age 1 year ago Makeover an underwater beauty in Polly Pocket Mermaid World DressUp First you will choose a new hairstyle and wild color. Then select a shiny top and skirt. Change the mermaids pretty fin and tail before choosing seashell and starfish jewelry
  • Red Warrior report Red Warrior 4J 7 months ago As the red ninja warrior, you have been awarded a unique power... the ability to flip and rotate the world around! With this power embark on a quest to rescue your friends who have been kidnapped by the bad guys.
  • Jacksmith report Jacksmith 4J 7 months ago Jacksmith is the craftiest donkey in all the land. In Jacksmith, you are a blacksmith crafting a wide range of weapons for all of your warriors. Crafting weapons is completely hands-on. Choose your ore, choose your mold, melt it, pour it, construct it, and design it. Whether it's swords, bows, arrows, axes, or others things, you'll need skills and strategy to make the perfect weapon. After crafting, it's off to battle with your team of warriors. As they fight, you gather loot and man the cannons, and keep making progress towards the Great Wizard Dudley!
  • Jewels of Arabia report Jewels of Arabia MiniPlay 6 months ago It's time to enjoy a new version of classic "Bejeweled" like never before! Match groups of at least 3 similar gems in order to make them disappear. Are you ready? Stay alert to clear every stage!
  • Jewels Empire report Jewels Empire 5Games 3 years ago Swap some gems and match few stones in order to raise your o...
  • Hexagon report Hexagon GameGox 3 years ago <p>Tired of all the match-three puzzle games and want to try something new?</p>\r\n<p>Hexagon is a new type of puzzle game that brings match three to an all new level!</p>\r\n<p>Try matching 6 blocks at the same time!</p>
  • Hexagram 3 report Hexagram 3 Mankiz 3 years ago Match gems in six directions!
  • Blonde Princess Wedding Fashion report Blonde Princess Wedding Fashion GirlG 3 months ago Your favorite blonde princess is getting ready for her wedding day! Will you help her be the most beautiful bride? Choose a discreet make-up and then pick out your favorite wedding dress, hairstyle, jewelry and bouquet. With your help she'll look absolutely stunning!
  • Virgo girl dress up report Virgo girl dress up 2-Play 2 years ago In this game you have to dress up a cute girl born in Virgo zodiacal sign. Choose cloths and accessories like beautiful jewelries. Have fun dressing her up
  • Jewel Bubbles 3 report Jewel Bubbles 3 MiniPlay 6 months ago Swap adjacent bubbles and jewels to form horizontal or vertical chains of 3 or more of the same colour. If you match 4 or 5 bubbles at once, you get special expoloding bubbles. You can also try to combine these special bubbles for a combined effect. Achieve the goals to complete all levels! If you manage to complete all of them with a 3 star rating, you get a surprise!
  • Baby Hand Spa For Mom report Baby Hand Spa For Mom Like a Gamer 1 month ago Mom is the toughest and most lovable person in the world. And for that you can thank her for everything by giving her a relaxing hand spa. After doing some hand spa make her nails prettier by putting some nail polish jewelries and nail designs.
  • Dora Hand Spa For Mom report Dora Hand Spa For Mom 4J 7 months ago Dora wants to give her mom a Mother's Day surprise. A home hand spa and manicure would be perfect! Let's help Dora go shopping first for ingredients and tools. Then make the hand soak and hand scrub for mom. At last give mom a hand treatment and a manicure. Mom would be so happy Have fun!
  • Splashy Jewels Puzzle Game report Splashy Jewels Puzzle Game Awky 2 years ago You're a secret agent in training, getting ready to pursue in the biggest treasure hunt in history. Your bosses may count on you, but you have to prove that you're very well prepared. In order to do so, you have to pass a significant number of levels and the way you treat your challenges is very important.
  • Makeover Studio Princess report Makeover Studio Princess PlayRosy 2 years ago If you want to be a modern princess you need a full master card. The luxury store is full of great clothes and luxury jewelry. You also need to know a good hair dresser and a makeup artist. All of these are possible with a full master card. Get the modern princess look by trying this luxury treatment. Have fun
  • Ginger s Wedding Day report Ginger s Wedding Day PlayRosy 2 years ago Ginger has found the love of his life. He wants to marry her and he visited the jewelry store a few times. He has a master card credit card and he is not worried about the price but he wants the perfect ring. Join him and his fiance at the jewelry store and choose the most amazing ring. Then buy some decorations a cake and the wedding dress and suit for Ginger. Pay everything with the master card credit card.
  • Mermaid Princess Nails Spa report Mermaid Princess Nails Spa GirlG 3 months ago Now that she's a human being, Mermaid Princess wants to experience everything that the land has to offer, including the finest nails spa in the kingdom. But it seems the salty sea water damaged her beautiful nails, could you help her treat them? Once clean and healthy, you can paint her nails with a variety of patterns and colors. Remember to add a few rings and some lovely bracelets as well!
  • Jewel Explode report Jewel Explode MiniPlay 6 months ago The classic match 3 game with a fun new twist. Test your tactical skills in turn based mode with many funny variations. Challenge yourself to complete all the levels and get the highest score!!
  • Epic Mahjong Battles report Epic Mahjong Battles Zdoz 2 years ago No description available.
  • Greedy Sheriffs report Greedy Sheriffs Zdoz 2 years ago No description available.
  • Winter Barbie Dress Up report Winter Barbie Dress Up 2-Play 1 year ago Look great for the holiday season Winter Barbie DressUp is filled with thick warm clothing for December. You will begin by selecting an amazing hairstyle and vivid eye color. Then choose a designer outfit. Accessorize with boots gloves and jewelry
  • Dirty Shoes Clean Up report Dirty Shoes Clean Up 4J 7 months ago These shoes are very dirty and old. You must clean up them. Then fix them. At the end of game you can decorate it and make it a brand new shoes. Have fun!
  • Jewelry gift girl coloring report Jewelry gift girl coloring Mankiz 4 years ago Jewelry gift girl coloring Game.
  • Compass car report Compass car GameGox 3 years ago You have been dispatched to that area in order to collect the treasure by defusing the abnormal bombs and some can have a compass car,which has to move in a direction shown by the compass.rnArrow keys to move.Drive into the treasures to collect them.Follow the arrow for the location of the nearest treasure only have a limited amount of time and there are some locals in the area.So drive carefully.some powerups might help you.
  • Candy Faces report Candy Faces GameKos 3 years ago Match 3 type of game with candy faces. Remove backgrounds with time and bomb bonusses. Match 3 in a row to delete 3. Remove all coloured backgrounds to advance to the next level. Click or drag candy faces. You can remove several rows of candy faces concurrently.
  • Avoid Things. report Avoid Things. GameKos 3 years ago <p>Avoid Things is an extremely addictive avoider game. It features 32 Scenarios and 6 Endurance levels.</p>\r\n<p>Use points earned to buy upgradeable attributes to move faster and become more agile, and purchase additional game themes for added gameplay situations.</p>
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  1. #

    1. 18 Wheeler
    2. 2 Players
    3. 3D
    4. 4x4
    5. 8 Ball
    6. 9 Ball
    7. 911
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    1. Ace
    2. Action
    3. Action 3D
    4. Adventure
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    7. Air
    8. Air Force
    9. Air Hockey
    10. Air Strike
    11. Air Traffic
    12. Air War
    13. Airline
    14. Airplane
    15. Airplane Parking
    16. Airport
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    18. Alien
    19. Ambulance
    20. Ambush
    21. American Football
    22. Anagram
    23. Angel
    24. Angry
    25. Animal
    26. Anime
    27. Ant
    28. Apple
    29. Aquarium
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    31. Archer
    32. Arena
    33. Army
    34. Art
    35. Asphalt
    36. Asteroids
    37. Asylum
    38. Attack
    39. ATV
    40. Auto
    41. Avoiding
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    1. Baby
    2. Baby Bath
    3. Baby Care
    4. Babysitting
    5. Backgammon
    6. Bad
    7. Badminton
    8. Bakery
    9. Baking
    10. Balance
    11. Ball
    12. Ballet
    13. Balloon
    14. Banana
    15. Bar
    16. Baseball
    17. Basketball
    18. Bath
    19. Bathroom
    20. Battle
    21. Battlefield
    22. Battleship
    23. Beach
    24. Bear
    25. Beat 'Em Up
    26. Beating
    27. Beauty
    28. Beauty Salon
    29. Bedroom
    30. Bee
    31. Bicycle
    32. Bike Race
    33. Billiards
    34. Bird
    35. Blocks
    36. BMX
    37. Board Games
    38. Boat
    39. Bomber
    40. Bombing
    41. Boss
    42. Bouncing
    43. Bow & Arrow
    44. Bowling
    45. Box
    46. Boxing
    47. Boyfriend
    48. Boys
    49. Brain Training
    50. Breakout
    51. Brick
    52. Bride
    53. Bridge
    54. Bubbles
    55. Bug
    56. Building
    57. Bunny
    58. Burger
    59. Bus
    60. Bus Parking
    61. Business
    62. Butterfly
  4. C

    1. Cafe
    2. Cake
    3. Camping
    4. Candy
    5. Cannon
    6. Car
    7. Car Parking
    8. Car Racing
    9. Cards
    10. Cargo
    11. Caring
    12. Carrot
    13. Cartoon
    14. Castle
    15. Cat
    16. Catapult
    17. Catching
    18. Celebrity
    19. Centipede
    20. Chainsaw
    21. Checkers
    22. Cheerleader
    23. Cheese
    24. Chef
    25. Chess
    26. Chest
    27. Chicken
    28. Chocolate
    29. Christmas
    30. Circuit Racing
    31. Circus
    32. City
    33. City Racing
    34. Civilization
    35. Clash
    36. Classroom
    37. Claw
    38. Cleaning
    39. Clothing
    40. Coin
    41. Collapse
    42. Collect
    43. Colony
    44. Coloring
    45. Combat
    46. Comic
    47. Commando
    48. Connect
    49. Construction
    50. Cookies
    51. Cooking
    52. Cool
    53. Cop
    54. Couple
    55. Cow
    56. Cowboy
    57. Craft
    58. Crane
    59. Crash
    60. Crazy
    61. Cricket
    62. Crime
    63. Criminal
    64. Crossword
    65. Crush
    66. Crystal
    67. Cube
    68. Cupcake
    69. Cupid
    70. Customize
    71. Cut
    72. Cute
    73. Cycling
  5. D

    1. Dancing
    2. Darts
    3. Dash
    4. Dating
    5. Daycare
    6. Decoration
    7. Defense
    8. Delivery
    9. Demolition
    10. Dentist
    11. Derby
    12. Desert
    13. Design
    14. Destroy
    15. Detective
    16. Devil
    17. Diamonds
    18. Dice
    19. Difference
    20. Digger
    21. Diner
    22. Dinner
    23. Dinosaur
    24. Dirt Bike
    25. Diving
    26. DJ
    27. Doctor
    28. Dog
    29. Doll
    30. Dolphin
    31. Domino
    32. Donut
    33. Dots
    34. Downhill
    35. Drag Racing
    36. Dragging
    37. Dragon
    38. Drawing
    39. Dress
    40. Dress Up
    41. Drifting
    42. Driving
    43. Drumming
    44. Duck
    45. Dummy
    46. Dungeon
    47. Dynamite
  6. E

    1. Earn
    2. Easter
    3. Educational
    4. Egg
    5. Elephant
    6. Elevator
    7. Emo
    8. Empire
    9. Epic
    10. Escape
    11. Evil
    12. Evolution
    13. Eye
  7. F

    1. Facial
    2. Factory
    3. Fairy
    4. Fairy Dress Up
    5. Family
    6. Fantasy
    7. Farming
    8. Fart
    9. Fashion
    10. Fashion Show
    11. Fast
    12. Fast Food
    13. Feet
    14. Fighting
    15. Find
    16. Fire
    17. Fire Truck
    18. Firefighter
    19. Fireworks
    20. First Person Shooter
    21. Fishing
    22. Flight
    23. Flight Simulator
    24. Flirting
    25. Flower
    26. Flowing
    27. Flying
    28. FMX
    29. Food
    30. Football
    31. For Girls
    32. Force
    33. Forest
    34. Forklift
    35. Fox
    36. Free Kick
    37. Free Running
    38. Freecell
    39. Frenzy
    40. Friend
    41. Frog
    42. Fruit
    43. Funny
    44. Furry
  8. G

    1. Galaxy
    2. Gang
    3. Gangster
    4. Garden
    5. Gem
    6. Ghost
    7. Giant
    8. Gladiator
    9. Goalkeeper
    10. Goat
    11. God
    12. Gold
    13. Gold Mine
    14. Golf
    15. Grand
    16. Granny
    17. Gravity
    18. Growing
    19. Guess
    20. Guitar
    21. Gun
    22. Gym
  9. H

    1. Hair
    2. Hair Salon
    3. Hairdresser
    4. Halloween
    5. Hamster
    6. Hangman
    7. Happy
    8. Haunted
    9. Head
    10. Hearts
    11. Heavy
    12. Helicopter
    13. Hell
    14. Hero
    15. Hidden Numbers
    16. Hidden Objects
    17. High School
    18. High Score
    19. Highway
    20. Hockey
    21. Holiday
    22. Home
    23. Hood
    24. Horror
    25. Horse
    26. Horse Racing
    27. Horse Riding
    28. Hospital
    29. Hot Dog
    30. Hotel
    31. House
    32. Hunting
  10. I

    1. Ice
    2. Ice Cream
    3. Ice Hockey
    4. Indian
    5. Invader
    6. Investigation
    7. Island
  11. J

    1. Jail
    2. Jeep
    3. Jelly
    4. Jet
    5. Jet fighter
    6. Jet Pack
    7. Jewel
    8. Jigsaw Puzzle
    9. Job
    10. Jumping
    11. Jungle
  12. K

    1. Karate
    2. Kart
    3. Kick
    4. Kids
    5. King
    6. Kingdom
    7. Kissing
    8. Kitchen
    9. Kitten
    10. Knife
    11. Knight
    12. Kung Fu
  13. L

    1. Launch
    2. Laundry
    3. Legend
    4. Life
    5. Line
    6. Lion
    7. Logic
    8. Love
    9. Love Test
  14. M

    1. Madness
    2. Mafia
    3. Magic
    4. Magnet
    5. Mahjong
    6. Make Up
    7. Makeover
    8. Mall
    9. Man
    10. Management
    11. Manager
    12. Manga
    13. Mania
    14. Manicure
    15. Mansion
    16. Marble
    17. Mass
    18. Massage
    19. Match 3
    20. Matching
    21. Math
    22. Mayhem
    23. Maze
    24. Medieval
    25. Memory
    26. Mermaid
    27. Meteor
    28. Military
    29. Millionaire
    30. Mind
    31. Mine
    32. Mini
    33. Minigolf
    34. Mission
    35. MMO
    36. MMORPG
    37. Mom
    38. Money
    39. Monkey
    40. Monster
    41. Monster Truck
    42. Motocross
    43. Motor Racing
    44. Motorcycle
    45. Mouse
    46. Multiplayer
    47. Mummy
    48. Music
    49. Mutant
    50. Mystery
    51. Mystic
  15. N

    1. Nail Salon
    2. Nails
    3. Navy
    4. Nerd
    5. Ninja
    6. Nurse
  16. O

    1. Off Road
    2. Office
    3. Olympics
    4. Operation
  17. P

    1. Paintball
    2. Painting
    3. Pancake
    4. Panda
    5. Pandemic
    6. Papa
    7. Paper Plane
    8. Parachute
    9. Paratrooper
    10. Parking
    11. Parkour
    12. Party
    13. Patience
    14. Penalty
    15. Penguin
    16. Pets
    17. Phone
    18. Photo
    19. Physics
    20. Piano
    21. Pig
    22. Pilot
    23. Pinball
    24. Ping Pong
    25. Pipe
    26. Piranha
    27. Pirate
    28. Pistol
    29. Pixel
    30. Pizza
    31. Plague
    32. Plan
    33. Planet
    34. Plant
    35. Plasma
    36. Platform
    37. Point & Click
    38. Police
    39. Police Car
    40. Pony
    41. Pool
    42. Pop
    43. Popcorn
    44. Popstar
    45. Portal
    46. Power
    47. Pregnant
    48. Prince
    49. Princess
    50. Prison
    51. Prom
    52. Protect
    53. Puppy
    54. Puzzle
    55. Pyramid
  18. Q

    1. Quad
    2. Queen
    3. Quest
    4. Quiz
  19. R

    1. Rabbit
    2. Racing
    3. Racing Car
    4. Ragdoll
    5. Railway
    6. Rainbow
    7. Rally
    8. Rampage
    9. Rat
    10. Rescue
    11. Resort
    12. Restaurant
    13. Ricochet
    14. Road
    15. Robber
    16. Robot
    17. Rock
    18. Rocket
    19. Roller Coaster
    20. Romantic
    21. Rome
    22. Room Decoration
    23. Rooms
    24. RPG
    25. Rugby
    26. Runner
    27. Running
    28. Rush
  20. S

    1. Sailing
    2. Salon
    3. Samurai
    4. Santa
    5. Scary
    6. School
    7. School Bus
    8. Scramble
    9. Sea
    10. Search
    11. Serving
    12. Shark
    13. Sheep
    14. Shift
    15. Ship
    16. Shoe
    17. Shoot 'Em Up
    18. Shooter
    19. Shooting
    20. Shootout
    21. Shopping
    22. Shot
    23. Sick
    24. Silly
    25. Simulation
    26. Skate
    27. Skateboarding
    28. Skill
    29. Skull
    30. Sky
    31. Skydiving
    32. Slacking
    33. Slice
    34. Sliding Puzzle
    35. Smashing
    36. Snail
    37. Snake
    38. Sniper
    39. Snooker
    40. Snow
    41. Snowball
    42. Snowboarding
    43. Soccer
    44. Social
    45. Soldier
    46. Solitaire
    47. Spa
    48. Space
    49. Spaceship
    50. Spades
    51. Spartan
    52. Speed
    53. Speed Car
    54. Spelling
    55. Spider
    56. Spider Solitaire
    57. Sports
    58. Spot The Difference
    59. Spring
    60. Spying
    61. Stacker
    62. Star
    63. Stickman
    64. Store
    65. Story
    66. Strategy
    67. Street
    68. Strike
    69. Stunt Bike
    70. Stunt Driving
    71. Stunt Pilot
    72. Stunts
    73. Stylist
    74. Submarine
    75. Subway
    76. Sugar
    77. Summer
    78. Sumo
    79. Super
    80. Superhero
    81. Supermarket
    82. Surfing
    83. Surgery
    84. Survival
    85. Sushi
    86. SWAT
    87. Swimming
    88. Sword
  21. T

    1. Taco
    2. Talking
    3. Tank
    4. Tattoo
    5. Taxi
    6. Teacher
    7. Team
    8. Teen
    9. Teeth
    10. Temple
    11. Tennis
    12. Test
    13. Thief
    14. Throwing
    15. Tic Tac Toe
    16. Tiger
    17. Time Management
    18. Titan
    19. Toilet
    20. Tornado
    21. Tower
    22. Tower Defense
    23. Town
    24. Toy
    25. Tractor
    26. Traffic
    27. Trail
    28. Trailer
    29. Train
    30. Treasure
    31. Trivia
    32. Troll
    33. Truck
    34. Truck Parking
    35. Truck Race
    36. Turbo
    37. Turn Based
    38. Turtle
    39. Twins
    40. Tycoon
    41. Typing
  22. U

    1. UFO
    2. Undead
    3. Underground
    4. Unicorn
    5. Unity
    6. Upgrade
    7. Urban
  23. V

    1. Valentine
    2. Vampire
    3. Viking
    4. Village
    5. Virtual
    6. Virus
    7. Volleyball
  24. W

    1. Waitress
    2. War
    3. Warfare
    4. Warrior
    5. Water
    6. Weapon
    7. Wedding
    8. Wedding Cake
    9. Wedding Dress Up
    10. Werewolf
    11. Western
    12. Winter
    13. Witch
    14. Wizard
    15. Wolf
    16. Word
    17. Word Puzzle
    18. Word Search
    19. Worm
    20. Wrestling
  25. Z

    1. Zombie
    2. Zombie Shooter
    3. Zoo